Site Setup Packages

Get started by choosing the right package for you

Setting up your site does not need to be difficult.  We can help you.  We offer three different setup packages that can provide you will the help that you need get your online business off the ground.  Choose the package that fits best with the amount of work that you would like us to do for you.  To see some samples of our different setup packages, click here


3-5 Business Days

Although this is the most basic site setup package, it still provides many the services you need to get your online business started. This package provides the following:

  • Consultation Call

    Each Customer will receive a welcome call along with a consultative walkthrough of their business center.

    • Login, contact information, and admin tools
    • Progress Guide (Build, Market, Grow)
    • Dashboard
    • My website
    • E-commerce
    • Marketing
    • Reservations
    • University
    • Get social
  • Award Winning Site Technician Support

    Each customer will have unlimited access to our award winning customer support to help them with any questions they might have. They also can chat live with one of our site technicians through their business center dashboard.

  • Education Package

    Business Setup

    • Volume 1 - Intro to Online Business Strategy
    • Volume 2 - Small Business Accounting
    • Volume 3 - Branding and Public Relations

    Marketing Guide

    • Volume 4 - Marketing and Design
    • Volume 5 - Particle Guide to SEO
    • Volume 6 - Particle Guide to PPC
    • Volume 7- Particle Guide to Email Marketing

    Setup guide

    • Online Setup Wizard
    • 30+ “ How to Guides”
    • Set up Guide PDF
  • Upload Doba Products

    We will upload all preloaded top seller lists purchased through Doba or any products selected from the customer's Doba catalog to their business center.

  • Park domain name

    We will park a domain for the customer.

  • Social Marketing System

    Our social marketing system instructs the customer how to generate referral traffic to their site. The social marketing system simplifies the task of marketing and sharing their site and services with others, as well as generate and drive traffic to their sites, making them more successful and eager to expand their website within our system. Our social network system includes integrations with the following popular social sharing giants giving the user the ability to perform functions within the integration:

    • Twitter: Manage tweets and retweets; search Twitter to see what is trending for their desired topics.
    • Facebook: Manage news feed and post status updates for each Facebook account added.
    • Hootsuite: Manage all integrations; draft, schedule and publish message for each social network they have added to their Hootsuite account; also be able to read and review their feeds from each network.
    • LinkedIn: Manage social stream; retrieve and post discussions in their currently affiliated groups.
    • Pinterest: An integrated Pin Button will be present on all pages and products, allowing the user to pin an image and a link associated with that page or product to their pin board on Pinterest.
  • Twitter Guide

    Our Twitter guide contains ten of the best practices you should employ to be successful in your company’s marketing efforts on Twitter. It also covers how you should be using your Twitter account, what you can do to gain more followers and engage your current followers, basic Twitter etiquette and much more.

  • Facebook Guide

    Our Facebook Guide describes the fundamentals of Facebook and how it relates to a business’s marketing needs. It also provides examples of success, and a step-by-step instruction on how to create a Facebook page for a business. Also, it will show ways to promote brand, attract leads, build long-term relationships, and form brand trust through the use of Facebook.

Jump Start

12 Business Days


This package offers everything from the Do-It-Yourself package plus the following:

  • Theme Personalization

    We will select and personalize a theme for the customer based on their industry.

    Background color: change background color to match logo and personalized theme.

  • Images Upload

    We will format and Upload the customer’s Logo to their website (provided by customer).

    Upload Banner Image: We will format and Upload the customer’s banneror create one for them using one from our stock photos related to the customer’s industry.

  • Content Upload

    We will upload all content provided by the customer to their Default pages: Home Page, About Us, Services, Contact Us and FAQ.

    Additional pages: We also will add any additional content to custom pages the customer provides the content for.

  • Create Categories

    We will create 5 custom categories/sub-categories based on the customer products.

  • Shipping Setup

    We will create all initial shipping settings according to customers needs.

  • Payment Setup

    We will help set up PayPal and/or any currently integrated processors that the customer wants to use on their site


12 Business Days


This package offers everything from the Do-It-Yourself and Jump Start package plus the following:

  • Custom Header

    For the customer’s Home Page we will build a custom Banner, logo, and Header Image based on customer's industry.

  • Navigation Menu

    We will create a personalized navigation menu, which will include all pages created for their site.

  • META info

    We will add all needed Meta information for the Home Page and all custom pages we have created for the customer.

  • Blog Article

    We will create one custom article based on the customer’s site.

  • Industry Logo

    One standard logo created based on the customer's business and niche.

  • Media Widget

    Two media marketing slides with image.

  • Content Creation

    Content creation for the Homepage, 6 categories, and 1 blog.

  • Site Review

    Each site created will go thorough a quality evaluation by one of our skilled site technicians to insure that all items have been professionally built to the customers request before delivery.